From L1 visa to Greencard as New Grad from Europe

Hi, I'm from Germany and it's my dream to live in the US (and therefore, to get a green card).

I'm currently finishing my Bachelor's in Germany, and I have recently received a full-time offer at a large US Software Company in London. They promised that after one year, they will support me to get an L1 visa and re-locate to an office in the US.

Now I'm wondering how realistic it is to receive a Green Card while I'm on the L1.

- is there any minimum amount of years of work experience you need in order to start the green card process, or can the company start this right when I receive the L1 (even though I come straight out of college)?

- how long does it normally take as a German to get a Greencard? is it very realistic to obtain one, or is there a lot of uncertainty involved?

- as I also know that the H1B visa is a common work visa, I wanted to ask if there is any difference in terms of how easy it is to switch to a Green Card from these 2 visas?

I would be very thankful if someone could share his or her experiences! I did a lot of online research, but if feels hard to get an exact overview of all the regulations.

If the above path to a green card via L1 has a lot of uncertainty involved, I would also consider doing a Master's degree in the US after which it would be easy to get CPT/OPT, then H1B and GC. However, as the tuition fees for a Master's are super high, I would prefer the L1 route -- but it really depends on the chance of success

Again, thank you for every help/comment :)

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