First trip to the USA after getting green card

Hey Reddit I have some questions regarding my brother’s first trip to the US that I’m hoping you can answer (for free), before I reach out to a lawyer or whoever can answer them. My brother got his Green Card and is coming to the US for the first time next month, he owned a bakery in Lebanon, and due to the current economic crisis there he hasn’t been using the banks at all for the past two years. He’s planning to liquidate his assets there and move to the US and start fresh. I’ve heard that when you first move here you can bring all your assets tax free, however I don’t have any articles or codes to prove that. Is this true? If not, how much can you bring in with you? And how much would you be taxed for any money you bring in? Can it all be in cash? Can you point me to some references I can use for this type of questions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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