Filing I-130 for wife who is already here on a tourist visa

Hello all, I feel like I have a fairly good grasp on the paperwork needed for us, but have some hopefully simple questions.

Situation: I just came back to the US a few months ago and started a new job here after living in Mexico. My wife came too, and since my new job decided not to allow me to work from Mexico we need to get her residency while she is still here. From what I understand, I file the I-130 online, and then the I-485 at basically the same time. While those are in progress, she won't get in trouble for overstaying her tourist visa but can't leave/return without issues.


  1. Confirm she won't get in trouble for overstaying tourist visa while waiting for I-130 and I-485
  2. Marriage certificate and birth certificate etc are in Spanish, do we need to get them translated via a notary or something?
  3. I was working in Mexico previously so my income, taxes and such would be in spanish too.. that's a lot of translating if those need to be done too.
  4. Anything else I'm missing? We've been together 10 years, have a child, my job is more than enough to prove financial support.

I appreciate the help! When I got my residency in Mexico it was so simple compared to this

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