Feeling like a foreigner for the first time.

I’ve immigrated from Holland to the UK in 2018 (after living here for 6 months in 2014 and a year in 2017-2018) and I’ve always felt at home. Of course there have been some aspects of life here that have felt strange of silly but overal I’ve never felt like a foreigner except perhaps the first month or so of living here.

Last month I went back to Holland after almost two years. When I came back to the UK it felt like a switch had been thrown in my head. Things I wouldn’t have noticed a month before stood out as foreign and odd and I felt like I was a foreigner who struggles to understand this country. I’d expected this feeling to recede as I got settled in at home again.

So far this hasn’t happened. In fact it looks like its getting worse. The most accurate description would be that it feels like I’ve done an emotional u turn.

Does anyone here have experience with this?

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