Failure to update employment information to SEVP


I am in F1 Stem OPT status and I began my employment on August 9th. One of my requirements is to update my employment information directly to SEVP, however, I couldn't access my account due to a technical error. SEVP customer service asked for my DSO to open a ticket for resolution and told me that in the mean time I could report employment information with my DSO, which I did. On September 24th, my DSO contacted me on why I haven't update my information, and I explained again the situation. Only today, the DSO told me that the format I sent my employment information was wrong, and that I needed a letter head, which again I sent today. At the end, I still haven't gotten any access to SEVP portal, and I haven't updated still my employment information. Please, I need help as I do not want to loose my immigration status.

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