F1 Administrative Processing for almost 90 days

After being put in Adm Processing for the 2nd time, and it approaching 90 days, I'm hoping for your advice here.

I was in the US as a J-1 in 2019 and then, after flying home temporarily, I was put in Adm. Processing (J-1 renewal) for ~60 days until the consulate contacted me to say that my visa got approved and that I should send in my passport. The very next day, I received another e-mail saying I should keep my passport as all the consulates were closing due to covid. Result: I completed my program remotely.

In the meantime, I got accepted for a PhD in the US, deferred the start until Fall 2021 ("gap year") due to covid and, because of that, applied for a F-1 visa 3 months ago in July. Again, I was put in Adm. Processing (yes, even though the first one was cleared eventually), everything was exactly the same (pink slip; 221(g); DS-5535). I had to defer by another semester and now I'm super scared I won't even make it for Spring 2022 as we're approaching 90 days of processing. CEAC shows that my case was updated in July, right after I had the interview.

Is there anything I can do? How is it possible I have to go through this twice?

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