ESTA was approved but now I’m not able to use it to travel

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post but I hope I can get some guidance.

My in laws applied for an ESTA a couple of days ago (they’re British but traveling from Vancouver), and they both got confirmations saying they were approved.

Today she showed up to the airport and the agent told my mother in law that her ESTA has not been approved, and right now she’s crying at the Vancouver airport not knowing what to do.

She tried to login but it keeps telling her « the payment status could not be determined » and won’t let her do anything else, not even try a different payment. It just says to try logging in at a later time.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything else we can do? My husband is trying to call ESTA right now, but we’re hoping we can get her to travel today.

Thank you in advance!

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