Entrance to Germany COVID-19 Rules and Quarantine

I am traveling to Germany the end of next week from Turkey with an Australian Passport.

As I understand from the RKI Institute Germany website, regardless if you have been vaccinated or not, you must quarantine for 10 days (but you can be released after 5 days if you show a negative test result or have been fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination certificate). Can someone please confirm if this correct?

Does anyone know if you have been fully vaccinated would you still be required to quarantine or can you show a vaccination certificate at the airport and be exempt from the quarantine?

Also, does anyone know where this is a link online to register for the 5 day release from quarantine? Has any foreigner recently completed this quarantine process?

We are planning on staying in a hotel at Hannover but I am wondering how strict are they with the quarantine rules in Germany? Will they be able to know which guests are in quarantine etc?

My family is flying from another country and is planning to me at the hotel. Will they allow us to quarantine together or does it have to be in separate hotel rooms? Will they know if we fly in from different countries?

Thank you for your help!

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