Dream of immigrating to the USA but in need of backup options

I am a final year Computer Science student who always dreamt of working as a software engineer in the US. I am graduating in June 2022 and I am currently applying for a Masters in Computer Science in the US for Fall 2022.

After researching for several months and reading everyone's experiences in this subreddit, I am fully aware of how unpredictable immigration is and as it stands, there is no guarantee for getting the H1b since it is a lottery system.

This is why I am extremely conflicted between applying to the US over applying to other immigration-friendly countries such as Canada. The decision would be easier if I knew there is a backup plan I can resort to. For example, say I have a US Masters Degree and I have 2 years of OPT work experience. If I apply for Express Entry to Canada in my final year of OPT, am I guaranteed a Canadian PR? This is the worst-case scenario where I am working for a company that is nonglobal and only has a branch in the USA. I do not want to move back to my home country whatsoever.

The smarter decision is to probably apply for Masters in Canada but the opportunities in tech in the USA highly intrigues me and have always been a dream of mine. To people who have faced a similar conundrum as me, are there any guaranteed backup options like Express Entry or moving to another country?

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