Diversity Visa Photo Questions

Hi, I've been applying for DV for almost a decade but no luck, so now I'm thinking about making sure everything is smooth.

My concern is that photos doesn't follow their rules, so now I've taken a new updated picture and have a couple of questions:

  1. I'd like to confirm this with you, here is the photo:
    I noticed that my right ear isn't totally visible, There is nothing saying that both ears should be visible on the photo example main site(the Asian woman under Background doesn't have it),
    And in the Pose section, they only mentioned expression and Eyes.
    but I did google and in Brazil Embassy site they said "Both ears must be totally visible, free of hair or other covering."
    Due to my hair length and my ears not being big enough to get both of them in one photo.

  2. I've the RAW format (NEF, size is 50MB) photos from the studio, I need to first convert it to JPEG to be able to upload them, Should I remove the metadata for the origin (it says edited by Microsoft photos), I don't want their algorithm to just remove the photo due to something stupid as this.
    Also due to being in RAW format, the contrast changes, what should it be set to? (it is still sRGB and 24 bits)

Thanks a lot.

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