Desperate!!!! Pending i765 running out of time.

Hello, I applied for emplyment authorization at the same time I applied for i485 adjustment of status for marriage in June 2021 and have yet to receive my employment card.

With that being said, my marriage went downhill pretty fast and we are separated right now. I received a request for evidence from USCIS in the middle of marital problems and I'm not able to submit documentation.

My question is, am I going to receive my work authorization anyways? Knowing they i485 and i765 are two different forms, or are they linked, where my employment authorization is waiting for me to send the evidence they requested for i485?

I had employment authorization before marriage and I'm legal here. Time is running out, in January the current authorization will expire and I'm affraid I won't be able to work. Please help me I'm desperate.

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