CR-1 visa application documentarily qualified - waiting on the NVC v/s using ustraveldocs

My application for a CR-1 visa was documentarily qualified in Dec 2020. Since then, I received no communication from the NVC or the US Consulate (here, in Mumbai) except the following statement:

Your case will stay at NVC until an appointment is scheduled, and then we will send it to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. We will notify the applicant, petitioner, and attorney (if applicable) when an appointment is scheduled.

I am hearing of other visa applicants scheduling interviews using ustraveldocs so was looking for clarification:

  • Why are other applicants able to schedule visa interviews through ustraveldocs?
  • Do I need to proactively schedule my interview on ustraveldocs? Or should I just wait for the NVC or the consulate to reach out to me?
  • Is there any way, altogether, that the progress of my case can be tracked? I have waited for 10 months and have no idea how long I'd have to wait for an interview, making it difficult to make any plans.

Any inputs here will be appreciated :)

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