Co-sponsor for Green Card Question(s). ELI5

I will be filing the I-130 in January to petition for my Irish husband to move to the U.S. We have been living in Ireland since December 2018 and I haven’t worked since living here, so I’ve no income. I’ll be able to work once I’m back in the U.S. and make more than the qualifying income, but don’t know if that will impact anything? Like can I show them tax returns/SS statements from my previous job as evidence of having a previously high income?

Once eligible to work in the U.S. he’ll make $80k+ in his field as he’s highly educated/qualified, but I doubt the government will take into consideration a theoretical job haha.

Would it just be easier to have my mom co-sponsor? Do you file the I-164 when submitting the I-130 or will that happen at a later date?

Also, can you travel to the U.S. after filing the I-130 if you’ve return tickets?


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