Case is ready to be scheduled

Hello everybody,

I need your help please because now I’m stressing out really bad.

So, it’s been 45 days now that my case status has been changed to “case is ready to be scheduled for an interview “, since then nothing.

But I wasn’t too worry about that. The problem is that my working permit expires on 11/04/21 while we are already today 10/21/21. So I feel like there is no way for them to schedule me on time now so I can get my green card before my working permit expires.

I even sent my adjustment of status with a working permit application as well. But no news on that one too.

I might be kicked out of work if my working permit expires. Has anyone experienced such thing please? And what can I do please? Is their a way to contact them concerning this issue or something? Anything will be helpful! Thank you!

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