Canadian contractor travelling to USA for personal reasons but still working while there?

Hey all, I’m a Canadian and I have an American partner who is still living in America. Due to Covid and the border closures, I ended up seeking work from home employment so that I could spend more time in America with my partner.

I am a contracted Canadian by an American company and pay my taxes in Canada. My home residence is also in Canada. All I need is my laptop and phone and I can work from anywhere in the world. I will only ever stay a total of 5 months in America (2/3 weeks here and there) as to not lose my healthcare in Canada. When I do travel to the states, my position will not require me to do anything outside of my normal job scope (I manage a customer care department).

When crossing at the border (usually land border but sometimes air) obviously my answer for reason of travel is personal since the purpose of my trip is to see my partner and not to work. But I will also be working as well too- but the intent of travel is not to work or earn additional, unclaimed income.

What kind of implications (if any) does this have? I see no issue with it but I know that it doesn’t matter what I think and comes down to the decision of the border agent.. my accountant encouraged me to look into this as he felt the same way but unsure enough that he didn’t want to provide me with a concrete answer. Any info is much appreciated.

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