Canadian citizen just granted permanent residency in US. Tax assistance!

I moved to the US under 3 years ago and started working here via a TN visa. During this period, I severed all my financial ties with Canada. I was recently granted permanent resident status so I will be staying in the US for the foreseeable future. I also recently received some mail from the Canada Revenue Agency asking me to provide additional information before they can review my tax return from 2020. They want me to note when I emigrated from Canada and how much I made while out of the country. I’m leaning towards submitting the date my permanent resident status was approved by the US government. What’s the best way to set me up for future filings? My wife started working so her income will show up on the 2021 filing. If possible, I’d like to avoid paying taxes to both countries. My research suggests there is a way to get a tax credit.


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