Can I submit my Affidavit of Support/I-864 before my wife submits her DS-260 Application, or must they be filed at the same time?

We’re currently going through the CR-1 Marriage Green Card process for my wife. We both live outside the U.S. together so we’re doing consular processing via the NVC.

I have all of my financial documents ready and the Affidavit of Support filled out, but I’m not clear despite a lot of searching, as to when in the process I should submit this. It will take my wife longer to submit her DS-260 as she’s lived in a lot of non-English speaking countries for extended periods of time during her adult life, so it’s going to take a good chunk of time getting all the police certificates, translations etc.

Can I submit my financial stuff now to get that part of the process “out of the way?” or is it meant to be filed at the same time or even after my wife submits her DS-260 stuff.

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