Can I still report my green card marriage post-divorce & immigration withdrawal and have my exhusband deported?

My ex-husband lied to me and married me for a green card. He lied about his age (told me he was 35 and turned out to be 43--Asian. I was 26 at the time), finances , and told me that his documents where in good standing. Turned out when we met with the lawyer everything had been expired for 18 years. He is also working for the Mormon church. The Mormon church canceled our temple sealing but did not fire him from his job. His work visa expired July 2021. I'm very frustrated that USCIS and the Mormon church hasn't taken any action to hold him accountable for what he did to me. I have withdrawn as his sponsor 8 months ago and the divorce was finalized 7 months ago. I also have an attorney team that's helping me with all of this. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do from here?

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