British citizen by descent, applying for passport questions

Hi all,

I have been trying to reach out to the British passport office, by calling, emailing, webchatting, but they never reply. Since I have seen many people ask similar things here, I just want to confirm a few things because some of you have gone through the same process

First a few things about me:

-My father was born in Scotland in 1960, and he moved to Canada in 1963. Both his parents are Scottish, British citizen.

-My father doesn’t have a UK passport at the moment.

-I was born in Canada in 1997, and my parents were married at the time.

What I have read:

I read on the British Government website, according to the British Nationality Act 1981, I am a British citizen by descent through my father. I’m planning on applying for a British passport, from what I read, the documents needed are following:

-My current Canadian passport

-My father’s birth certificate

-My birth certificate

-My parents’ marriage license

I’m wondering if this is correct and sufficient? Once I have all documents ready, do I just directly apply for the passport in the overseas section? What would the process be like?

In addition, I’m currently living in the US (not a US citizen), do I have to apply from Canada or I can just apply from the US?

Any advice would be helpful, thank you!

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