Avoiding Work Permit Lapse

My work permit expires in December. My attorney filed a new EAD request in July concurrently with an Adjustment of Status (I-485). I reached out to her given that my EAD will expire in about 6 weeks and he suggested filing another EAD request (I-765) to take advantage of the 180-day EAD extension when filing for an EAD renewal with the same eligibility category as the current one.

Does this sound about right? The EAD filed in July has a different eligibility category than my current EAD and, therefore, the 180-day extension granted by USCIS while the EAD is in the process does not apply.

If filing for an EAD renewal, what will happen to the EAD request filed in July as part of the Adjustment of Status?

My attorney has been generally doing a good job but I would like a second opinion to make sure this is the best approach for my situation.

Your feedback is much appreciated!

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