Australia skilled worker permanent resident visa and autism diagnosis?

Hello guys, So recently it was confirmed that I am autistic. I will not be needing any type of ongoing care, such as ABA, personal care helpers, or anything medical related as such. So basically the diagnosis is there but it isn't something that would cost the health care system money. I do also have ADHD and have been regularly seeing a psychiatrist and filling prescriptions for that. I am wondering if these things will ruin my chances of passing the health requirement. I know autism is basically seen as straight up disability and therefore a liability for the government/health care system in the eyes of people in charge of immigration. I've read many stories about autistic children being denied a visa to Australia while their family members were all granted visas. I'm wondering if it is something I need to worry about? As I said, in my case, the autism diagnosis is just there, it won't be requiring any ongoing care to manage, I've managed on my own my whole life.

Thank you for any input.

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