Arriving to US by airport, no stamp in passport and still no I-94 or I-95 on the system.

Hi everyone. A dear friend (30/M) of mine just arrived to US through Miami Airport this last week with his mother (50/F) and younger brother (he has autism, hearing loss and almost 22 y/o). Once arrived to the airport, customs sent them to the disabled area in a special room for the interview (I'm not sure about the name of the room so please correct me if I'm mistaken).

The officer just asked a few questions to his mom like how many days are they planning to stay, where are they going/stay, how much money did they bring to the US and when was the last time they came to US (which was back in 2013 and they have a B2 visa)... once approved and excited AND after leaving the airport they noticed they didn't have the stamp of entering to the US in their passports which is kinda weird. So 24 hours later they check on the CBP website their I-94 BUT his mom is the only person in the group with the I-94 available and it says that she only has 4 months for staying in the US. I'm not really sure if my friend is going to stay but he was worried that neither his younger brother or him didn't have it yet and by today there's still no I-94 or I-95 for him and his brother on the system.

So my question is, what can he do in this case? As for my understanding no having I-94 is like not entering to the country by lawful procedures even though they arrived through the airport and they were accepted by customs, if he's going to stay (which is probably sure bc of the situation in our country) USCIS will require his I-94 for any paperwork.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your answers and time in this case.

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