Any K-1 Visa applicants from the Philippines?

First off my fiancée and I got together right before the pandemic hit and have not been able to meet each other due to the restrictions going on and also my work. I only get 2 weeks off and most places are requiring a 2-week quarantine so I wouldn't be able to spend any time with her if I went besides maybe just meeting to satisfy the requirement which is not ideal as we would like to spend time together and also get proof that we were together and prove we were able to actually get quality time together for the visit.


My fiancée's aunt was at the US embassy in Manila and had a chat with someone going for their K-1 interview. That person told her that they were waiving the requirement for an in-person meeting within the last two years. I am really skeptical about believing this and don't want to file the forms without actually knowing.

Does anyone have any information on this? Can we file without having met within two years due to Covid-19?

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