Any immigration advice?

Hello everyone, this is my first post but I really need help so please, to anyone that know about the matter.

I'll make it brief. I'm from Chile, I'm in a relationship with a girl from USA, California. Currently, I'm living with a group of people that took me because I had nowhere to go, basically my parents always considered me a burden and never took care of me, I won't go into much detail unless anyone is interested. The thing is, I've been having trouble with these people, disagreements and misunderstandings mostly, and my time in this house may be limited. If I get kicked out I won't have anywhere to go, my mom disappeared from my life long ago and my dad is a criminal. Now, I've been with my girlfriend for two years now (I've visited her twice already) and she wants me to move with her, we wanted to get the K-1 visa and get married, but it takes almost a year, I want to move there soon, although it wasn't my plan to move there, I may have no options since in my native country I have no one nor nowhere to go. Is there any possible way for me to stay there while processing the visa? Or what can I do to at least stay with her while I get a job there... Or anything really... We just don't know much about the options we have. What Visa can I get to allow me to stay at least longer? (I'm currently using the ESTA visa that allows me to stay 90 days only). I'd do anything to move there with her, but also I don't want to have any trouble and I would like to make things legally and properly... Please help me!

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