Aged out of DACA, filed I-130. Any way to legally work in the meantime?

The person in question is 40+ and never qualified for DACA due to age (her other younger sibilings are on DACA). She's been in the US since she was 6 years old and her father is now a citizen. Due to a lack of resources and disabilities, her paperwork was never filed over the past years. I filed her I-130 in Dec 2019 but I have no idea when that will process (the processing times for Nebraska Processing Center change and only seem to get longer).

I understand the process for filing further paperwork after the I-130 is approved, but is there anything I can file for her while the I-130 is pending to get her a work permit? They're running out of resources and the father was recently diagnosed with cancer and now is unable to work. I've helped the dad file for food stamps and both have healthcare via covered California but are otherwise running out of resources.

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