Advice for uk visa.

Hello. I am planning to apply for a UK student visa in January 2022. Before starting anything, I would like to inform few things, which is bothering me too much. I had applied with my mom for a family visiting visa. In 2016, Two times. And 2 times rejected. The first time, because they doubt my father's bank account. And refused my mom visa, and because I was under 18/19, they refused my visa as well. The second time, applied with a different sponsor and was refused again, because the sponsor's document was 2 months old and they did mention sponsoring, just send bank statements and home papers. Now I applied for a Poland students visa 2 times(refused). 1 time, I got a rejection because I had submitted a photocopy of a credit card certificate. And 2time, I have applied with the original credit card certificate. And I got refusal because they doubt my travel purpose. ( i think because my last education is in diploma in computer and I had applied for a management degree). Now I wish to study in the UK for a students visa (computer degree). What should I do Now? Is there any chance of getting a visa? Or I have to stop trying. I am from India. Your tips would be a lifesaver. Thanks in advance.

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