About to enter the US for the first time using Immigrant Visa....What to bring?

Actually I have two questions but I am unable to edit the title.
My husband currently has the Immigrant Visa and he is about to enter the US for the first time using this visa. We have two questions:
1. Does he still need to apply for ESTA even though he has the immigrant visa?
2. Does he need to bring any paper work from his application? We were initially under the impression that we do not need to bring anything when entering the US for the first time using the Immigrant Visa. The embassy never gave him any physical packages, just the visa sticker on his passport. However I read somewhere that I should bring my application packet? To be honest he had already disposed the 100+ pages of documents, so I am wondering if he needs to make another trip to Kinkos just to be sure.

Thank you.

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