A doubt about surnames in DV Lottery and DS-260

Hi guys, i know this isn't formal or legal advice

Of this is the thing: in case I was lucky enough to win, and later filling the DS-260, i have a little problem with my mom's surname which is my second surname, the one in her birth certificate and ID end with the letter S, in my birth certificate, it end with "Z", here it's a common mistake because they're two surnames which are basically the same but only changes is that letter, both pronounce the same so here it doesn't cause trouble in legal situations, but I don't know if that may be a problem with the DS-260 and the interview.

I mean i can correct that in my birth certificate but that mean change my passport (yes, in my passport figure my both surnames) and all my personal documents, which means a new passport number different from what I used to apply in the first time.

The other option is to do nothing, fill the form and tell them that detail in the migration interview, i really don't know what to do but I want to be prepared, what do you think?

Fix my second surname now or wait to see what they think about, in the remote case I win of course

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