Will I ever stop being affidavit of support

Hey everyone,

So I married my husband who is a citizen of another country very quickly. Though it was entered in good faith, the marriage itself has been a complete disaster. I did all the proper forms and he eventually moved to the US on a two year conditional permanent resident visa. The visa is now expired and has been rejected. I refuse to submit another I-751 ( 10 year visa, removal of conditions) because there has been a lot of hardship to my life due to him. Before knowing the removal of conditions was rejected, he quit his job and went back to his home country so that he can see family and honestly his anger and abuse had got out of control. Now he is basically stuck in his home country but says that he still plans to live here even without a job, visa, car, place to live. I truly feel like he will try to file the I-751 to remove his conditions without me and then sue me for sponsorship.
I don’t even know what to do at this point.. I’m at a loss. Has anyone else been in this situation?

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