Prove legal estatus to mortgage before closing (might lose house)

My parents got into the process of buying a house. We are under pending asylum since 2018 and our EADs expired on June 19 of 2021. Using the 797C document we’ve been able to extend the validity of the work permit, however, yesterday we found out that 5 days has past since the 180 day extension ended, which means that our EAD is now not valid. My dad got a notice in may saying that USCIS received his EAD extension, however they just started processing cases submitted in may which means that we won’t get the EADs this year. We are also under pending TPS, we submitted everything on march and have some notices from USCIS to prove that we have another case, but it hasn’t been approved. Yesterday, the mortgage lady told my dad that they can’t prove his legal estatus by just USCIS process notices but he’s sure that there is a way. Can anyone with knowledge help me? The closing is tomorrow. We have proof of being in the process of getting an extension and being in the process of TPS. I don’t know if the expired EAD 797C document can be of any use. We also have valid driver licenses. My dad already paid $17k and could lose another $10k that he paid in february. We need a miracle.

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