Called the cops on my step father, he’s here on green card. Will he get deported?

My step father had a fight with my mom and got let’s say “handsy” (and by that I mean he tried to choke her) and I called the cops on him for domestic abuse. I don’t like the guy so it probably fueled my decision to call the police. It was the first time he put hands on my mom and he got arrested. The police came and got our statements for what happened. He’s not a terrible guy he just has some anger issues and so does my mother so yeah fire + fire isn’t such a good combo. They both had fault in the argument and while they both have their faults it’s the first time they had such a bad argument. He and my mom have a baby together and she doesn’t want him to be deported.

He has a good, well paying job. He had a clean criminal background before this but we still don’t know if this will be counted as a misdemeanor or a felony, his court hearing is coming up.

Do people always get deported for misdemeanor or felonies even if it’s a first time offense and they previously had a clean criminal background? What can we do on our side to make sure he doesn’t get deported?

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