My employer doesn't know if they're E-verified

I have been working there for 6 months. They're non profit. I knew I should ask this in the beginning but that time I was having hard time to get a job so I just accepted their offer without further investigation.

Now i want to prepare myself for the OPT STEM extension and I need to know if they are E verified. I sent an email to the HR and I asked to forward the email to someone familiar with this stuff. They said ok we will get back to you whenever we find out an answer and now it is been more than a week.

If they're not verified I am willing to ask them to enroll for E verification but they don't seem they know anything about this. Should I envolve my boss?

Also, I'm planning to get them to sponsor me by January when everyone is back from holidays (I'm sure they're willing to sponsor because they know I'm on student visa) . But if we don't have an immigration HR people how would I help my boss know how to apply? Did you get an immigration attorney and let them talk with the manager? Or do you have team who know this stuff? What if there is no one knows?

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