Canadian B-2 Visa Question

My spouse lives in the USA at the moment (in the process of moving her to Canada as a permanent resident) but currently I frequently travel to see her. I spent 4 months with her during this summer and am now spending 2 weeks with her at Christmas. I've always been cautious to make sure I never spend more than 180 days in the USA in any 12 months period because I'm aware that's the law.

My question is: can I stay longer than 180 days in a year if the stamp in my passport is valid for longer than that?

For example: I recently spent 4 months in the USA this summer, I've Judy returned and have been given a 6 month long stamp I'm my passport, if I stay as long as the stamp is valid for, would it be considered overstaying?

To clarify, I'm not planning on staying that long I've got a life in Canada but the officer was warning me that my long visits could been seen as suspicious

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