B1/B2 Visa interview after rejected ESTA

Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone is out there who has had a similar situation to me/can offer me any insight into their experience...I applied for an ESTA however got my dates mixed up and ticked 'yes' to the question if you've been to Iraq, Iran etc. I went to Iraq in 2008 however thought I went in 2012 (which was when I travelled to Egypt) and was instantly rejected. I can't ammend my answer (having already contacted the CBP) so re-applied for a second ESTA which also got rejected. Stupidly I lost my passport in between applying for the second ESTA so the second ESTA is on a new passport. I've now applied for a visitor visa, as it's clear I won't be able to travel under an ESTA, and I'm certain that when I go for my interview my officer will have already done a background check and looked at my ESTA application. I'm watching a few vids on YT to see what kind of questions I will be asked, but I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and what kind of questions they may ask me in reference to my Iraq trip? I'm worried because a) I lost my passport which may now seem suspicious, but my passport didn't have my Iraq stamp in it anyway because I went in 2008 and b) I have no proof of my trip from 2008, we don't have any paper tickets, or passport to prove I went in 2008 and not 2012 as I said on my form and I'm worried that as I have nothing to disprove that, this may cause red flags for the interviewing officer. If anyone has been in a similar position and can shed light on what kind of questions they were asked etc that would be really helpful!


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