No AR-11 was found!

Hey Folks - I submitted my online AR-11 on 12/4/2021 and received the confirmation email; however, I closed the browser window before saving the autogenerated form at the time before saving it. Now there’s a tool to reprint your form by entering 🔹AR-11 Confirmation # 🔹Name, Citizenship 🔹Date of Birth However, when I enter those I receive the following error: 🔺The following error(s) need to be corrected: No AR-11 was found🔺 Has anyone had this issue before? The worrying part is that my marriage based AOS status changed on 12/10 to

🔸Your Case Status: Testing and Interview On December 10, 2021, we scheduled an interview for your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS, Receipt Number MSC219xxxxxxx. We will mail you an interview notice.

So it’s really important for them to have the right address! I have also submitted my USPS COA and know it’s been processed there as I have received forwarded mail from my previous address!

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