GC based on marriage to US citizen - Have you interviewed in Stockholm under the pandemic?

This may be an overly niche question, but I'm hoping someone can share their experience or knowledge. We are trying to plan our move to the US and have heard wildly different ideas of how long the wait for an interview at the Stockholm embassy may be at present. I've heard everything from 1-2 months to 2 years, but I think this may be because I've heard from applicants in different GC categories, etc. I'm hoping someone in our same category can shine a little light on this -- I can't find clear information anywhere and have no idea if planning for the next few years of our life is even possible at this point.

So if you (or a client, friend, etc) have had an interview scheduled in Stockholm for a green card based on marriage to a US citizen in the past year or so: how long was your wait from NVC approval to interview date?

Thank you so much to anyone with information.

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