What valid status would I use for renewal of Indian Passport?

Hi! I'm in the process of renewing my Indian passport in the US and one of the documents required is my proof of status. This is the list they provide:

  • Notarized valid Green Card - FRONT AND BACK
  • Notarized valid Visa,
  • Notarized valid EAD - FRONT AND BACK
  • Notarized valid I-797A Approval Notice,
  • Notarized valid Work permit/Study Permit, OR
  • Notarized recently expired Visa and notarize I-797A Approval notice together with notarized I-
    797C Receipt Notice for filing of a request for extension before the expiry of Visa or I-797A. Notarized copy of proof of extension, if B1/B2 is expired and have a receipt for extension of stay or an approval for extension of stay.

I am currently studying in the US but my F1 visa has expired so I am a little lost what I would send them for this. I've tried calling them but haven't been able to get through to anyone. Was hoping someone here might be able to help me!

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