chances of getting a B2 tourist visa from UK.

long story short: I went to US in 2017 on an ESTA came back before my 90 days applied to go college in the US went for my student visa in 2018 and was denied due to lack of ties back home (UK) my esta was still valid so went back for a few months during summer and came back after 2 months. fast forward to this year I applied for a ESTA and denied because of the visa denial most likely. now I'm a full time student here in the UK going into my final year as a mech engineer. planning on doing my masters here too, have a job (not been long tho) and own 2 cars but I still live with my parents. will the 3 to 4 years away from US play a part in this? what other ties can I show or proof can I bring with me for a B2 visa to even slightly strengthen my chances? I know it depends on the person interviewing me at the end of the day but anything that helps I will use to my advantage.

thanks in advance for anyone who takes their time to reply to this, I know its a little lengthy.

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