Are there any chances for me?

Hello, I (19F) from greece, I can't stand anything about my country. I've been wanting to leave ever since I was 12. I can't stand the language, the food, the buildings, the economy, the people, the government, the dirt. Just everything about Greece is disgusting and horrible and tourists of course would never get it. But believe me, I'm sick of everything and everyone here. I got an opportunity to go to Germany but I dropped it for some personal reasons but if another one came again I think I would still decline.

I have nursing assistant (CNA) and microbiology assistant degrees, and I will also get an IELTS proficiency soon. I don't have a driving license and I don't speak any other languages except for Greek and English.

So, with what I got, Is there a chance for me to leave Greece? I would love to go to Canada but it's impossible with my education level, so what about other countries? (That are better than Greece of course). Thank you.

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