Wanna moove to Finland

Hi all.

I'm a UK electrician who wants to move to Finland. My wife is a housewife but is also a degree holder and so would be willing to work if necessary. We would like to know all our options for being able to move to Finland in the next 3-5 years.

Could anyone point out what the options might be if money were no object?

- One of us is willing to pay to study in Finland (in English) if we have to.

- I want to work and my wife wants to stay home if possible but we're both willing to work.

- I am willing to start a Finland-registered business and 'employ' myself.

- I am willing to get a job with a company.

The only thing bothering me is the salary requirement now that we're '3rd country nationals' and not in the EU anymore (thanks voters...)

I see the salary before tax for an individual is around 1200 euro which is manageable, but how does this work with a wife and three children? What does the salary extend to and would I even be able to find a job which pays that amount?

Thanks in advance - the main reason we want to move is because we've visited, love the culture and clean air, and the school life for children seems amazing and not backwards like we do it here.


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