Mandamus Lawsuit on Pending EAD Renewal. How Long It May Take for USCIS to Process an Application Once a Lawsuit Is Filed?

How long it might take in practice for USCIS to process an EAD renewal application once they are served after a mandamus lawsuit for EAD renewal processing delay is filed? Would appreciate an honest answer on how quickly it may get resolved after you file (which is not necessarily the same as the safe "maximum within X months" answer).

Background. My EAD renewal application in c08 category is a part of the USCIS backlog. I've been waiting for my application to be processed for more than 8 months now, and my EAD extension has already lapsed. I filed 2 expedite requests, but both were denied without any RFE. Although I am currently waiting for a decision on the class action in my category, I am also considering filing a separate mandamus lawsuit.

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