K-1 visa

K1 fiancé visa

Hello looking for anyone who has done their immigration papers for the fiancé k1 visa. Hoping someone can help answer some questions or let me know what they did for their process for particular things I’m struggling with ? I want to turn in my application soon so please let me know if anyone has experience. Thank you 😊

I would like to ask has anyone included a letter of some sort from a family member that know the couple very well and can basically confirm it’s a real relationship. I believe this is called a witness affidavit? I was told from someone it will help the case especially if the place I am bringing my fiancé from is known for having“red flagged for fraud” as many fraud cases come from there sadly. However I was also told it may be trying to hard and adding too much info can be risky and make me look guilty that this isn’t a real relationship so I’m trying to hard. I was planning on adding an affidavit from his sister stating she knows us well and we are a genuine couple and I also took some pics with her to confirm. I personally thought the affidavit would help build the case but now I don’t know so if anyone has advice plz let me know! Also has anyone done the finance visa for someone in the Middle East ? Also, I would like to get him here as soon as I can but was wondering if I should aim to send the application this year before 2022 (within 3 weeks)? I ask because I’m wondering if it’s cases are done in a yearly basis it would be better for me send it in this year to get him here in a year or so🤞🏼. However I know as soon as possible is best regardless to send things in. I would also like to ask are all pages printed on the passport or just stamped pages? Lastly would making a wedding invitation for when we plan to do the wedding be too much to add for proof ? Plz lmk thanks guys !

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