Looking to move from Canada to USA, which visa could I apply for?

I have been interested in moving from Canada to the US for many years however have only attempted to begin the process within the past year or more.
I am currently self employed in Canada, I have worked as a video editor since 2016-2017 and have mainly worked with one US company, and just recently picked up work from a second US company with a few odd jobs here and there, all of them based in the US.
I originally had plans to go to university for film and media but did not follow through with it as I started working instead so my highest education would be a high school diploma.
The first US company I have worked with is willing to take me on as a full time employee under their company and have me relocate to Texas to work with them, during my time with said company I have worked with them daily and my tasks pretty much surpassed just editing and I help with graphic design, marketing, and aiding with management, production etc
The company I am looking to relocate to has already attempted to find employees within the US but none have been able to fill the position with the same level of skill that I provide.

Ove the past year I have attempted to work with a Lawyer but the stopped getting back to me after a phone call where they said it would be impossible for me to obtain a visa. The a second attempt the US company mentioned above reached out to a lawyer on their end, and I believe we attempted to apply for a graphic design H1-B visa. After a few back and forth email they also stopped getting back to us ultimately saying since I did not have a BA I would not qualify.

Are there any visas out there that I could possibly have a chance with or is my lack of BA really that impactful? The company I work with would be willing to sponsor me/hire me under any position as I have a blanket of experience in all fields.

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