Can I work remotely in the US?

I’m looking to visit friends in LA this summer for 2-3 months. I’m hoping to sublet a place with a friend for a few months. I’m a Canadian student with a part-time job for a Canadian company that can be done remotely. I have no intention of staying and will be returning back to Canada to finish my degree once the 2-3 months are up.

Am I allowed to do any work for my job while I’m travelling? Keep in mind the job has no ties to the US — it’s a Canadian entity that doesn’t deal with Americans, and I get paid in CAD into my CAD bank account.

I tried googling but I’ve seen mixed messages.

I’ve travelled to the US many times in the past and the border agents never ask me much when I’m at the airport, but I don’t want to lie. If they ask me what my purpose is, can’t I just say leisure travel?

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