Can anyone provide me type of document that can be supportive for my case?

Visa category "B2"

1)I am a student of some university with few back logs remaining though my college years are already completed.

2)Intention to go abroad: To meet some of my school friends and check on the university that I might apply in future.

3)Sponsoring part: My friend living in States is willing to share the travel cost and living cost.

4)My parents are already retired from there job but I am only there kids.

5)Married status: Not married.

I posted this before but I started feeling like it's impossible for me to get US visa with this category.

P:S: Does a person applying for B2 visa need to pay SEVIS fee?

My rough estimation cost is $160 before visa and some amount after getting visa and willing to take a bet.

Please advice me the best

Thanks for making this sub.

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