I've had a tourist visa request refused in 2017, has my situation changed enough that is worth trying again?


In 2017 I've had an interview for a tourist visa and after 30 seconds (this is not an exaggeration) interview where I got asked how long I plan to stay and where I've got the money from, I was rejected the visa.

My situation back then: I was 21, a student, last year, for bachelors in Computer science, I was also working at a computer science position at that time for about 3ish months on a permanent contract. I applied alone. No house/cars on my name, didn't have any solid travelling plans.

The situation now: I will be 25 or 26 at the time I apply, I have a bachelors in Computer Science, roughly 5 years exp. in my field, I want to apply together with my girlfriend who also just started working couple of weeks ago in a Computer Science position although she has bachelors in another field. I have way more money on my name and I make about 5-10x more now. I have a better idea of how long I want to stay if I were to visit the states, where exactly I want to go, etc.

Still nothing on my name because although I live alone with my girlfriend, the house is technically on my parents name, so is the car.

Possibly relevant: I've applied since 2016 I think or 2017 yearly to the green card lottery more as of a "it would be nice if I were to win" rather than "I'd do anything to get in the states, even overstay with a tourist visa". Not sure how they view my repeated applications.

Would it be worth it to try again? Has my situation changed positively in their eyes? I also believe the officer was biased before the interview started since the interview was extremely short

Thank you.

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