B1/B2 visa permit location issue

Hi guys,

I am a medical student from Pakistan and I managed to secure clinical rotations in the US at good hospitals...and got the B1/B2 valid visa for 5 years back in june. I was supposed to travel in September for them, but unfortunately the covid situation messed it all up and it all got delayed to late January of the coming year.

My family lives in saudi arabia and I am currently here in KSA and circumstances have resulted as such that i booked a flight to the States from Riyadh. My visa was issued and stamped in Karachi, Pakistan.

I wanted to ask if there is any issue in travelling from another country than from the place where the visa was stamped? Do I first have to travel back to Pakistan..and then from there to the US? It will create much of a hassle for me, including additional costs...I tried asking around but no one knew so posting here (hopefully in the right thread).


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