TN to marriage green card: to go through H1-B or directly?

I’m not trying to commit any immigration fraud. I get that TN is not a dual-intent status, and should not be used solely to immigrate. However, I’ve heard several stories of people on TN status marrying US citizens (in good faith, of course) and applying for green cards directly. If it’s theoretically possible, is it even worth the hassle of going through the H1-B lottery? It has a 33% chance per year, and seems to me like a waste for a Canadian to use this visa just as a stepping stone when it’s not absolutely necessary.

What are the drawbacks of filing for a green card while on TN status? If I follow the 90-day rule and avoid travelling during the time it’s pending, is there actually any real risk associated? Can I apply for an EAD as well if I wanted to change employers or work past the expiration of my TN?

Thanks in advance!

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