CR1 "unique case" - US citizen newly married with job offer

(Copied from /r/uscis) (Sorry for length) I have been with my GF for 5 years now, and we don't want to get married (just because we don't feel it's necessary), but if it's required for her to migrate with me, we will do it.


  • US citizen.

  • Been leaving abroad whole life, but have ties to US (tax returns, lived there with address for few months, bank account, credit score, family, visits).

  • Got a relocation offer from my company on relatively short notice (6-monthish).

  • Making way more than the poverty line for I-134, only issue is domicile proving.


  • No US visas at all, no other citizenship other than this country. This country doesn't have visa waver program as well.

  • Been to US only once ±15ish years ago.

  • No criminal record at all of any kind.

  • BSc.

Both of us:

  • First-world country (i.e not third-world or "terrorist" country).

  • Can supply ample evidence for relationship over last 5 years - mostly Facebook photos + chats, and other types of chats (whatsapp/telegram).

  • Vacation tickets together.

  • Joint rent leases multiple times.

  • If helps, I can write her down as my life insurance beneficiary.

The scenario is that I want to accept job relocation offer, and want to bring her with me - but the process appears to be super long for CR1 visa.

I also don't want to move there and be without her for months, but K-1 isn't an option because I don't want her to be there doing nothing for what appears to be 6 months until she gets AOS.

What could be the quickest course of action for her to get a visa + employment in US?

Other than that, assuming we get married within the next month, what are the odds of getting a CR1 at all? Do they reject it for being a new married couple, or because we have ample evidence for a long relationship it should be OK?

Thanks for any tips. (Sorry for length again)

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