Couple questions for British Citizens traveling on a J-1 to USA (Or have done)

Hi, so I got my J-1 and I've booked a flight.

I got a 4 hour layover in the US. (Not JFK airport, phew).

And I was wondering if I could get any tips as I'm with Nationwide Banking and I don't want to take out cash and convert it then hold it in my carry-on, I wanted to just use my apple pay with my Nationwide Visa debit card to pay for things in the US.

Will this work? Yes or no pls.

If yes, can you also add after that, any options for student banking in the USA that may make my life a hell of a lot easier? Ty!

Also second question, I have a british sim card with the Three network. Any idea how internet will work once I'm in my layover airport in the USA, or in the states at my final location in general?

Cos I will need internet to navigate emails n socials, as well as respond to iMessage/WhatsApp texts.


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